With over 13 years of application experience Nijburg Engineering develops Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for the marine and petrochemical industry. Amongst the applications are Ultra High Pressure cleaning (UHP). Nijburg wanted an on-board control solution linking the already selected receiver and motor controllers. Engeen developed PCBA's for power management and distribution, interfaces for the motor controllers and an extension for a single board PC. Engeen wrote all software for Modbus and OpenCAN communications and reading an IMU for semi-autonomous driving. Also online monitoring is made available using a GPRS modem and setting up a server for communication and a webinterface.

As it's design is modular, other parties can develop their own control strategies or accessories. The controllers for the brushless motors uses current regulation to achieve demanded speeds. This results in accurate control over the movement of this heavy duty 4 wheeled magnatic. A demontration video is available here.

 Control Box