Many machines have been developed to lighten the load of workers and also to minimize the factor of human error in production. Motors, pumps and/or valves are controlled by an industrial PC or PLC to move materials or liquids according to a recipe (e.g. CNC) and measured positions, weights and levels.

Where mechanics and a functional specification are in place Engeen offers:

  • Electromechanical part selection (sensors, actuators)
  • Electrical part selection (power supply, drivers, electronics)
  • Logic part selection (IPC, PLC, I/O modules)
  • Programming (C, Structured Text, Ladder, Function Diagram)
  • Visualization

Engeen offers related IT services for data logging and remote access. In some cases a computer program can be written to generate recipes as an aid for product designers and operators. Refer to Information Technology for more information.